Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

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KFE’s favourite haircare brand - affordable products with a luxury feel. Free of SLS and parabens, MONDAY is changing the haircare game, and we are here for it!

Crank up the volume. Lacking life? Time to revive. Give your hair so much body it’ll have a voice of its own.


Pea Extract

Time to SHINE – pea extract creates vibrance by increasing the ratio of anagen (the hair’s active growth phase) to telogen (resting stage) – this one’s the real hair expert.

Ginger Root Extract

Helps to boost healthy hair growth and has essential fatty acids to strengthen those locks from root to tip (we all want a bit of that).

Jojoba Oil

Hello moisture! This will moisturise your hair from the inside out thanks to helping hands of its nutrient-rich body. All of the fatty acids and natural alcohols found in jojoba provide much-needed nutrition and love… what more could your hair want! 

A full list of ingredients can be found at: https://au.mondayhaircare.com/volume/