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Natural Brows

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Male Brows

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Semi-Permanent Brows

Semi-permanent brows are the perfect solution for clients who have no brow hairs, to clients who have full brows but are wanting to fill in their sparse areas. 

Our tattoo artists are specialised in two techniques; Ombre and Feathering. Your first step is to book in for a consultation where your artist will assess your skin and brows, and together can decide on a technique that is going to best suit you.

Consultation $100

The first step before embarking on semi-permanent brows! This includes a comprehensive assessment of your skin and existing brows. Included is a shape and tint to help show you our vision.

Feathering from $1400

Also known a micro-blading, this technique is delicate and precise. Individual hair strokes are created to add volume and definition.

Ombre from $1600

A specialised digital machine method, better suited to oily skin types. The final result is a soft, powdered finish.

Annual Colour Refresh from $450

Semi-permanent brows are low maintenance, not no maintenance! Most clients require an annual colour refresh, however, some skin types may need this sooner.


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Light Therapy

The Dermalux LED is a clinically proven treatment which naturally stimulates skin rejuvenation. This versatile treatment can be applied throughout any age management or problem skin treatment programme for corrective, maintenance and preventative results.

A personalised Dermalux treatment plan effectively resolves a wide range of indications including the following:

- Skin Rejuvenation: fine lines, complexion and texture
- Acne and prone skin
- Rosacea, redness and flushing
- Hyperpigmentation
- Dehydrated and lack lustre skin
- Inflammatory conditions 
- Accelerated healing and pain relief
- Relaxation, wellbeing and mood lifting
- Preparation for invasive and ablative procedure

LED Light Therapy $100

LED Light Therapy as an add on $60


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Our Salon

Important Booking Info

New clients - Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to your appointment to complete a new client form.

Bookings - All bookings must be confirmed to secure your appointment. A reminder text or email is sent out to you 2 days prior and please respond to this confirming or cancelling your appointment.

Late arrivals - Although we do try our best, we unfortunately cannot always accommodate late arrivals. Late arrivals past 10 minutes, where possible we will offer the next available appointment time. If you are driving, please allow more than adequate time for traffic and parking. We always recommend the Double Bay Woolworths Carpark. (Double Bay can be a nightmare to find a park in on busy days!)

Children and Pet policy - For the safety of children and pets and the comfort of all our clients attending the salon, it is our salon policy that children and pets are unable to attend appointments with you. We may politely ask you to reschedule your appointment if we see this as a safety or comfort hazard for other clients and our staff.

General policies - We kindly ask that you limit the use of your phone and other electronic devices during your service so there is minimal distractions to our artists.