Welcome to Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, recognised as Sydney’s premier eyebrow salon, and the home of bespoke brows.


Our precisely sculptured eyebrows, whether they’re defined or more natural, balance your facial features and frame your eyes. At Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, we believe eyebrows, like fingerprints, are unique to you, which is why we’re dedicated to creating the best possible brow shape and colour to suit your face, because trends come and go too quickly for us to grow hairs.


Our highly-trained and passionate experts have honed their waxing, tweezing and face analysis techniques to shape your perfect ‘brow lines’, followed by a customised brow colour to suit your complexion and colouring.


For brows that need a little extra TLC, we recommend our ‘brow rehab’ program. This means the (sometimes) long process of growing the brows out to their fullest potential (literally), for a more natural look. We’re then able to reassess the shape and make the most of what you’ve got. And yes, miracles can happen. These are often some of the most rewarding transformations for us as eyebrow experts.


Your brows are one of, if not the, most important feature on display, which is why it’s essential they’re professionally manicured at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, as they’ll be your best brows yet.


Kristin Fisher

Director-Kristin fisher eyebrows

Kristin has redefined the art of eyebrow shaping after 12 years of experience transforming thousands of faces. Specialising in precise, clean lines Kristin's accuracy is beyond comprehension
– it's flawless. If you could bottle this woman's passion for eyebrows, you'd be a billionaire.