The team at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows have refined the delicate art of customised brows. They appreciate the significant role that eyebrows play in achieving a perfectly balanced look for each client. 

Our Brow Artists carefully analyse your face to design a brow that will enhance your features and compliment your complexion and colouring. We see a diverse range of men and women of all ages and ethnicities, some even travelling across the globe to visit our salon.

We’ve created a welcoming, luxurious space for you to enjoy being pampered and polished. 

If you are feeling unsure or your brows require a little more TLC, we offer a comprehensive consultation to help guide you along your brow journey! 


Kristin Fisher - Founder and CEO  

From humble beginnings at a small studio in Paddington, Kristin delivered a bespoke brow service which distinctly set her apart within the Sydney Beauty industry.

Kristin did not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ service, and testament of her tailor-made brow shaping and striking precision quickly spread. She is responsible for sculpting and perfecting the brows of Sydney’s elite style and celebrity set.

Forever educating herself and steadily building her repertoire, semi-permanent brows became Kristin’s passion and speciality. She delights in the transformational results she has achieved for now thousands of thrilled clients. 

Throughout her success and ever-growing business endeavours, Kristin has preserved a genuine warmth and personable approach that allows her clients feel more like (and often become!) dear friends.